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Confession time: I have never ridden my horse while wearing a pair of headphones and listening to music.

I keep meaning to bring a pair out to the barn, but inevitably forget. Solution? I found a second pair, stuffed them in my barn tote, and am going to keep them there.

So here’s where I need some help from my fellow equestrians: What songs are you jamming to when you’re doing long trot sets or working on establishing a rhythmic canter? What helps you warm up? Cool down?

I’ve put together a tentative playlist, most of it borrowing heavily from my jogging playlist.

In case you can’t see the embedded playlist, here’s a text list:

  • “A Hard Lesson To Learn” by Shooter Jennings
  • “Jah No Partial” by Major Lazer (featuring Flux Pavilion)
  • “Celeste” by Ezra Vine
  • “F%#k You (I’m Famous)” by Shooter Jennings
  • “Oceans & Streams” by The Black Keys
  • “Tennessee Waltz” by Sam Cooke
  • “Spirit In The Sky” by Norman Greenbaum
  • “Amidinine” by Bombino
  • “Oklahoma Hills” by Hank Thompson
  • “Core And Ride” by Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire
  • “Go To Sleep” by The Avett Brothers
  • “Heavy metal drummer” by Wilco
  • “Generals” by The Mynabirds
  • “What You Know” by T.I.
  • “Bring Em Home (Gold Jacket Remix)” by D.Veloped
  • “Money Maker” by Young Jeezy
  • “Easy” by Deer Tick
  • “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse
Most of the songs range from 90-150 beats per minute. I’m going to try the playlist out this afternoon- I’ll be sure to let you know how it works!

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6 thoughts on “Riding Playlist”

    1. I was REALLY uncomfortable with the idea of having headphones in while riding. I was somehow afraid I would be missing out on valuable noises. I figure if I keep the volume low enough, I will still hear if Moe start wheezing uncontrollably or something, and it can't be much different than listening to traffic whizzing by or apartment construction across the street.

  1. I like to listen to music when I know I'm going to be doing something boring or if I'm the only one there. Or if I'm going to be doing something scary, so I can take my mind off it.

    ..I only recognized like three of those bands, so I'm gonna have to look some shit up. And I've also never really considered the beats per minute, though normally I ride to stuff I would have run to, so it has to have a little bit of pace to it.

    1. Yeah, I am really just planning to utilize it for boring stuff like conditioning sets. Although I like the idea of listening to music while doing some scary (maybe I won't pee my pants!).

      I thought of the BPM after reading about musical dressage. Who knows if it'll really make a difference, but at least now I know what they are? For fun?

  2. I almost always have the radio on when I ride, music helps me relax and keep me out of my own head so i don't nit-pick & annoy myself and the horses. I usually only have one earphone in though so that I can hear the terrifying noises that spook the girls, :p

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