Sale roundup

I don’t know about y’all, but it seems like my inbox has been flooded with sale offers from all my favorite tack places. I thought I’d round them up and post them, just in case someone has missed one!

  • Equus Now is having a serious sale on breeches. Like 65% off serious. Almost every pair is under $50, and there are a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. I can attest to the quality of the customer service at Equus Now; I bought a pair of tall boots from there, and they were absolutely great to deal with.
  • Dover Saddlery has some good deals in their closeout section right now. On Tuesday, I found a show shirt for the low, low price of $0 and totally ordered it. Sadly, Dover caught their mistake and informed me the shirt was actually $30 and they would not be sending it to me for free. Oh well. At least I tried. 
  • Chick’s Saddlery is having a huge spring sale, with items up to 80% off. They have a weird selection of stuff, but you can get a package of 8 party hats for $2! You can also get a lunge line for $15, a fly mask for $13, and nylon halter for $10. Bargains for sure.
  • State Line Tack is currently offering 15% off everything as well as $2.99 shipping on orders over $69. They have a good selection of affordable gear and the shipping is fast.
  • Tack of the Day isn’t really having a sale, per se, but if you’re not acquainted with this website, I would encourage you to get cozy. Every weekday at 12 EST, Tack of the Day posts two new deals. They also have a Tack of the Day Too section, which is full of discounted goodies that often stay on the site longer than the daily deals. I’ve gotten all sorts of stuff from TotD, including a Courbette bridle with reins for $60 and a pair of white On Course breeches for $30. The shipping takes forever, but the deals are often worth it.
That’s about all I’ve got- do you have any awesome deals to share? Yours truly is taking advantage of the breeches sale and buying new pairs to replace some very worn schoolers.

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