Scariest Olympic Jumps

Thanks to Johnny’s obsession with basketball, we a TV package that includes all of NBC’s networks. (The time for a tirade on being able to simply add NBATV 
à la carte is not this post.) This meant I had streaming access to every Olympic event, and while I didn’t watch table tennis or BMX, you can bet I watched as much eventing as possible. Well, as much cross-country as possible.

YIKES! While some of the fences looked as if I could probably convince Moe to go over, many of them were totally terrifying. Here’s my take on the Olympic fences most likely to make me pee myself:

Picture from Horse & Hound
The Moon: Launching over the moon and straight down a hill? No thanks! 
Picture from Horse & Hound
Royal Borough Greenwich: This drop may look perfectly innocent, but it was responsible for the demise of a couple of pairs, and did you see that picture taken from the top looking down? Holy cow. I’m certain Moe and I would do a somersault down this thing.
Picture from Horse & Hound
The Flower Garden, Fence B: Wait, that’s a jump? That’s not a decorative shrub? I’m not sure Moe and I would fit through the flags! I also have doubts on how well Moe could see this thing on the approach!
Picture  from Horse & Hound
The Observatory Turn: I am certain my horse would think all those telescopes were lasers just waiting to shoot him. Plus, that’s a big fence!
What did you think of the cross-country course? Am I the only one who thought it seemed like a show jumping course on grass? Would you pee your pants on course?

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