Snowmageddon 2022

Oklahoma is a place of relatively mild winters. There’s a lot of wind (which is a year-round phenomenon), but temperatures usually stay above freezing and there isn’t much precipitation. That said, there’s usually some kind of late-winter snow event every year.

The Mesonet is the authority on Oklahoma weather. A very serious authority.

Local forecasts called for snow and ice beginning in the middle of last week. The Mesonet issued a rare Level 1 Bread And Milk Emergency DEFCON warning. Temperatures were predicted to remain below freezing until the weekend.

It was a beautiful day to ride!

So I did what any sensible person would do and went trail riding when it was 70°F on Monday. Gina and I enjoyed a two hour ride around Oologah Lake with some of our foxhunting friends. It was nice to be out on a reliable, trustworthy horse after Madigan’s green bean antics on Saturday!

I made trips to the feed store and grocery store, asked a neighbor to move a couple of my giant square bales for me, double checked the propane tanks for the house and the generator, and waited for Snowmageddon to begin.

Madigan’s blanket is the watermelon pattern from Ponyo Horsewear.

Flurries began very late Wednesday evening. By Thursday morning, ~5 inches of snow had fallen. I swapped the horses’ sheets for blankets, threw them more hay, and returned to my sofa and electric blanket. The snow tapered off during the day, but the north wind was brutally cold. The horses barely peeked out of their stalls. More snow fell Thursday night, but by morning the wind was milder and the horses ventured into the paddock.
Madigan romped through the snow and seemed to delight in kicking it up into his face and into Moe and Gina’s faces. Moe and Gina were unimpressed by the snow and Madigan’s antics. Gina kicked at him while Moe just tried to avoid him.

The sun made an appearance on Friday, and while it was still cold, the wind was hardly blowing and the air felt much warmer. By Saturday, temperatures were well above freezing and the snow began to melt. Now the snow is nearly gone and everything’s a soggy mess.

I’m hopeful the mild weather is here to stay for the rest of the season! Winter has been very manageable this year, but I’m ready for summer.

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