Spring to-do list

The weather’s been so warm here in northeastern Oklahoma that spring feels as though it’s officially here! This is a pleasant change from years past, where the weather seems to go from freezing to blazing within the span of a couple of weeks. Lengthening days and warmer temps have me making a to-do list for both the horses and the farm!

  • Barn Projects
    • Finish the plumbing work: we repaired the leak that sprung back in December, but haven’t finished the rest of the job. We’re replacing the copper pipes with PEX and are considering replacing the barn’s 30-gallon hot water heater with a tankless one.
    • Revamp the bathroom: I’d like to replace the toilet in the barn with a high efficiency version, as well as replace the super ugly and warped sink and cabinets. I’d also like to get some shelves on the bathroom walls to hold things like towels, toilet paper, soap, and a human first aid kit.
    • Organize tack room: I need to mount shelves and bridle hooks, replace my free standing saddle racks with wall-mounted ones, and find a better place for my saddle pad rack.
    • Cleaning: I desperately need to buy a ladder so I can knock down cobwebs, replace lightbulbs, and remove random extension cords the previous owners left.
  • Horse Projects
    • Clip Moe: this is really on my “DO THIS TOMORROW” list, because poor Moe is going to sweat to death at a show this weekend if he doesn’t get some of his winter hair removed.
    • Breed Gina: I’d like to get this process underway a little earlier this year. Per my vet’s recommendation, we’ll do a uterine culture on Gina this month. We’ll have plenty of time to treat an infection before breeding, which will ideally happen next month.
Seedlings two weeks ago, about a week post-planting.
  • House Projects
    • Finish unpacking: this unpacking business is dumb and never-ending. I’ve got to make a real effort to get it finished, though, as Johnny’s parents want to come for a visit in May. And maybe if I keep unpacking boxes, I’ll find where the movers stashed my flasks.
    • Finish cleaning out old house & sell: all we really have left is the garage and the storage shed, so hopefully this can get wrapped up in a couple of weeks!
    • Build raised beds and transplant seedlings: I started seedlings indoors at the beginning of February, and those suckers are doing really well! We ought to be able to have them in the ground by late March or early April if this weather keeps up.
    • Prune the crepe myrtles: I’m maybe a little obsessive about my crepe myrtles. At the old house, a few years of careful pruning led to lovely thick branches and pretty mottled bark. The shrubs at the new house appear to have been victims of crepe murder at some point in their poor lives, so the reshaping process needs to begin ASAP!

How are y’all feeling? Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? Are you feeling the itch to make to-do lists?


Author: Stephanie

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9 thoughts on “Spring to-do list”

  1. Spring arrived here! And then it left. The high predicted for Saturday is 25. The HIGH! Last Saturday it was 70.
    Looks like a good list you’ve compiled! I’m sure you’ll make a lot of progress on it in no time at all! I hope Gina gets knocked up right away, and keeps this time!

  2. spring is here in FORCE right now! it even smells like spring nearly every day. my boyfriend and i have planted cabbages and broccoli, beans, and peas already, along with carrots, radishes, and a lettuce bed. i have cucumbers and tomatoes growing insanely quickly under lights in my bedroom, and basil and cucumbers in seed trays!

  3. No spring here yet – we had a couple of warm weeks in Feb that made me hopeful, but those hopes were dashed. It is set to be -24C (-11F) overnight. Boo. I have lots I can do in the house and barn. My tack room needs a thorough cleaning and tack can be cleaned, oiled and organized for the spring. My tack room is insulated and faces east, so if we get some sun, it stays above 0/32F in there, so it is ok to do some work. I usually end up hauling show tack up from the basement to organize this time of year.

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