Stray observations from the show

The last time we did this thing.
The last time we did this thing.

While I haven’t been idle in the nine years since my last recognized event, there’s a world of difference between a schooling show or foxhunt and a USEA sanctioned horse trial. Here are some stray observations that occurred to me at this weekend’s show:

  • Pulling on breeches when you’re coated in a thin layer of sweat is nearly impossible. New plan: put on breeches before getting to show, wear same breeches for all phases that day. Alternate plan: only show in the winter.
  • The horse is less worried about cross country than you are; for the love of god, leave the big spurs in the truck after dressage. You do not need the horse to do his best impersonation of the Lone Ranger’s Silver after a jump.
  • GO. TO. THE. GYM. MORE. OFTEN. Three times a week is not cutting it if you’re feeling close to death after show jumping.
  • Have cross country courses always included things like bending lines? I can’t remember, but this course had several, which seemed weird.
  • Scout out a quiet place to warm up for dressage the day before you ride!
  • A real bed, a hot shower, and good meals go a long way toward quelling nerves and combating fatigue. Will only consider shows where I can stay at home or with my in-laws.
  • Do not murder the child who sets up a hammock and blocks your path to the water spigot. Children are the future of the sport.
  • Bring more water for humans because the hose water tastes terrible.
  • Get the jacket tailored, because sitting on it while you canter is not a good look.

Dressage schooling shows and hunting might be less stressful, but I’m glad to have returned to eventing!

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19 thoughts on “Stray observations from the show”

  1. There are a lot of bending related distances on Novice courses now. There were 3 at Holly Hill, two at Greenwood, two at Corona, two at TR… fairly standard these days. You even see them at BN (although usually numbered separately instead of AB). The courses have gotten more technical down through all the levels. The height isn’t the issue anymore! I like the technicality though, my horse is pretty handy so it usually works in my favor.

    1. The 9A/B to 10 combo on this course would have been tough, I think. There weren’t a lot of strides between the A & B or from B to 10. Jump 15 (out of the water) to 16 (rolltop) was also a tight turn, but trotting through the water made it very doable. Moe’s pretty handy, but I sometimes have trouble getting his attention when he’s really in a galloping groove.

      1. I thought Holly Hill’s N water was a little crazy… a jump a stride before, a jump a stride after, then just 6-7 strides with a right turn to a bending 2 stride. Hardest N water question I’ve seen. Even Greenwood, the eater of souls, just had a one stride coming out of the water! Lots of bending lines everywhere.

        1. Good to know about Holly Hill! I’m thinking about going down to Greenwood in October- I’ve been scrolling through your upload of their Novice course from last year!

          1. I LOOOOVE Greenwood and the rumor mill says that they won’t do their HT next year even if the property doesn’t sell. I’m desperately hoping that isn’t true, because I’d love to run T there (its my favorite venue, even if it doesn’t love me back). Highly recommend going while you still can! It’s a challenging venue but I love it.

  2. lolz “children are the future”…. a dark and dismal future for them if they are blocking my path to the water haha. all in all it sounds like a fantastic event!

    1. Johnny and I both thought about murdering that little brat- I wanted to kill him for continuously cutting me off in dressage warmup, Johnny wanted to strangle him over the spigot…there’s probably a reason we don’t have kids… 😛

  3. Haha! I like the don’t murder the children point. Although I really don’t want to have to deal with stupid adults in the future so maybe a little yelling wouldn’t go amiss.

    1. If I wasn’t afraid of the kid’s trainer, I totally would have yelled at him to get out of my way in warmup. But his trainer was terrifying.

    1. I have to say I’ve enjoyed my show glamping. I love tucking in with my comforter on an air mattress and snuggy-ing down with my dog to keep me warm.

      But yes… children… are… the future… of the sport…. I guess….

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