Stray observations from US Dressage Finals

I had a fun week in Lexington at US Dressage Finals! I said hello to JenJ, Jen of Cob Jockey, and Karen, as well as a plethora of customers I’ve seen throughout the year at shows. Some stray observations from the event:

  • Dressage people really like wine. Like, it’s 11 AM and people are wandering around with wine. And let me tell you, nothing helps people feel great about their custom shadbelly order than a complimentary glass of wine.
  • Freestyle routines set to music that sounds like a MIDI file from 1997 areĀ the worst. I heard a lot of terrible freestyle music this week: choppy music transitions, awful gritty sound, selections that didn’t suit the horse. If you’re putting together a freestyle, please please get good quality music and a professional opinion.
  • Rodney’s on Broadway might be the best restaurant in Georgetown. If you’re in the Lexington area, check out this place for a superb steak, fun cocktails, and excellent service.
  • Jim Koford is doing the most fun freestyles in dressage right now. I might be a little biased because he’s one of work’s sponsored riders, but seriously, the Wild West-themed freestyle he won the Open Grand Prix with is really neat, and let’s not forget his Aladdin-themed freestyle at Dressage Under The Stars earlier this year.


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  1. dude…. i will NEVER forget dressage as devon as the biggest party-at-a-horse-show that i’ve ever experienced before like, ever. like, definitely a WAY bigger party than tail gating at any of the major international cross country days i’ve been to. who knew – dressage ladies like their wine, indeed!

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