Summer barn essentials

Summer Barn Essentials

Summer Barn Essentials by stejpeck featuring aviator sunglasses

With temperatures already in the 90s and the heat index pushing 100+ degrees, I’ve got my barn tote bag jammed with summer stuff.
  • Dri-FIT hat: Y’all know I have a serious hat collection, and throughout the fall, winter, and spring, I wear hats that coordinate with my outfit. In the summertime, though, I switch between my two Nike Dri-FIT hats regardless of what I’m wearing. They’re cool and absorb lots of sweat. Plus, you can just throw them in the washing machine when they get extra nasty!
  • Moisture-wicking shirts: These things make summer in Oklahoma bearable. Ariat makes nice-looking polos in their AriatTek fabric (I scored some on Tack of the Day once), but inexpensive tees can be had via Eastbay- their EVAPOR brand is affordable and works well. Of course, Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour also have a variety of shirts to meet your sweat-soaking needs.
  • Sunglasses: Cannot live without them. I like aviators because they make me look cool and fit under my helmet.
  • Croakies: I’m not sure how I coped with sunglasses before I unearthed an old pair of Johnny’s from a shoebox destined for Goodwill. I keep the Croakies on the sunglasses all the time. They’re awesome, because they prevent my sunglasses from falling off my face or my head while I’m doing anything. I just put the glasses around my neck like the most stylish necklace you have ever seen. Johnny makes fun of me when I’m wearing them at the mall, but who cares what he thinks? I NEVER LOSE MY SUNGLASSES.
  • Neutrogena Clear Face sunscreen: A few months ago, I developed this roscea-like rash thing on my face. I haven’t been to a doctor, because doctors are expensive and I am unemployed. This lightweight SPF 50 sunscreen is amazing; it goes on smoothly and doesn’t further irritate my skin.
  • Coppertone Sport spray sunscreen: I use this on remaining exposed areas of my body. I like it because there’s no rubbing, it’s quick, and while it leaves me feeling kind of sticky at first, I’m usually so gross with sweat by the end of my ride that it doesn’t matter.
  • Aveeno Ultra-Calming face wipes: Sometimes I run errands after I ride, and I like to clean some of the dirt/gunk/sweat from my body. These wipes are gentle and unscented and work well on my face, neck, and arms. (Fun story: my best friend in high school- who’s also an equestrian- and I used to joke about attending Purdue and growing marijuana in the shower of a dorm room to pay for school; we planned to bathe with baby wipes instead of showering. This particular plan did not materialize, but I’m living the dream of bathing with wipes!)
  • Nalgene bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated in the heat, and there’s no better way to do than a Nalgene bottle. These things are indestructible. I once lost one in a parking lot, only to find it six months later. (It’d rolled under my horse trailer.) It was a little scuffed, but otherwise fine. They hold 32 oz of liquid; on a long, hot day I’ll drink 6 or 7 bottles’ worth.
  • Tredstep Aircool socks: I hate it when my feet are hot. It makes me feel like I can’t cool down. No one knows the hot feet problem better than equestrians- we encase our whole lower leg in leather! These socks do a good job of wicking moisture away and keep my feet feeling good.
What summer stuff do you use? 

Author: Stephanie

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5 thoughts on “Summer barn essentials”

  1. Croakies! I should try those. I wear sunglasses all the time at the barn, but when I come in to tack up/down I take them off and set them somewhere. I haven't lost them yet, but I don't like taking that chance. (I'd hate to have to replace my $10 gas station glasses–but they don't slip down my face while I ride!)
    Also, good idea with Dri-fit hat. I usually just pop on a cap after I ride to hide my helmet hair, but it is super gross now. I won a sweet neon green dri-fit hat in a raffle last year and it has just be hanging on my wall, waiting for me to start running again. I should totally take it to the barn!

    1. I LOVE Croakies. Like, words cannot express how much I love them. I would have lost my $10 sunglasses a dozen times over without them. If I had a spare pair, I would mail them to you, because that is how much I want to spread the Croakie love. Same with Dri-fit hats, except I do have a spare, but it's got a pretty disgusting sweat line on it.

  2. Moisture wicking shirts are the best! Especially when I'm at the track and have to wear my vest. I'm the same with socks, too. Hot feet suck! My only other thing is I sometimes wear a bandana under my helmet that I wet down before putting it on. Lots of people wear bandanas at the track, so I don't look like a weirdo there. I'm not sure it's exactly going to turn into the latest dressage trend, though.

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