Summer bucket list results

Back in June, I made an equestrian bucket list for the summer. Summer is officially over tomorrow, so let’s look at how I did!

Lots of trail riding this summer!
Lots of trail riding this summer!
  • Go horse camping: didn’t happen, although in retrospect, this was probably sort of a dumb idea in a place where temperatures stay in the triple digits through the summer. I’m adding this to my fall bucket list, though!
  • Swim on a horse: totally happened with both Gina and Candy! (Although Candy was way more into than Gina was!)
  • Enter a jumper show: checked this off my list! Will I ever go back? Ugh, I don’t know. It was really stressful, even if Moe was a trooper.
  • Spend a day at the races: didn’t happen. Remington Park in Oklahoma City has several stakes races on the calendar for October, so maybe I can catch some racing next month!
  • Trail ride at a new place: I went to two new places this summer! I went hacking with Harvard Fox Hounds at a member’s pecan farm, and I went to Lake Heyburn State Park.
  • Ride a new horse: I’ve gotten lots of riding in on Candy!
  • Go to an educational event: mixed bag on this one. I attended the Oklahoma Dressage Society’s summer meeting, which included lectures from a technical delegate about bits and a saddle fitter. I didn’t learn much I didn’t already know (except for learning about what bits you can and can’t use in western dressage, which isn’t very relevant to my interests). So, I attended an event, but I didn’t get much out of it.


I’m working on a bucket list to keep me motivated for fall. I enjoy having something that’s more like a list of things to do and less like hard-and-fast goals!

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11 thoughts on “Summer bucket list results”

  1. Feel free to message me about what bits I can and can’t use in western dressage…that’s info that would be useful to me…if my horses are ever not both lame and pregnant. 😉

  2. Such a great idea! It’s so easy to have things you want to do, but never get to. Putting them on a list makes them seem more important somehow. Nice work accomplishing almost all of them!

  3. I’ve got a list for fall!!! Hunt, hunt and more hunting!!! I know it’s on your list too!
    You did pretty good on your summer list. I’d have to second that horse camping sounds way better in the fall!!!

  4. I really need to look over my goals. I know I decided to skip a bunch of them back when I injured my elbow, but there might be some I can salvage. I hope you go horse camping.

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