Summer riding goals

Summertime in Oklahoma is hot, humid, and seemingly endless. It arrived abruptly about a week ago, and my motivation to ride in the heat is already dwindling. A couple of years ago, I made a bucket list for summer riding. I decided to make a similar list this year to help myself stay motivated (and in the saddle)!

My goals for this summer:

If we want these scores to be better, we should probably get professional help.
  • Take three dressage lessons. At least two of these should be on Moe. We’ve made a lot of progress over the years, but we can definitely use help.
  • Trail ride in a new place. First on my list is Turkey Mountain, Tulsa’s urban wilderness area. I plan on taking Moe, as it’s a busy place with lots of hikers and bikers. I’m not sure if Candy’s ready for mountain bikes whizzing by!
All the swimming, all the time!
  • Swim in Oologah Lake. You could say I checked this one off a couple of weeks ago. I rode my friend Rachael’s horse Fiona, and she decided to lay down in the lake! I toppled off into the drink. I’d like to get some more intentional swimming done over the summer, though!
  • Ride an exhibition run at a barrel race. My friend next door and I have been kicking around the idea of taking our horses to a local barrel race just to get them out in a noisy, busy environment without a lot of cost or having to haul very far. Another friend in the neighborhood runs a series at the nearby round up club, and she encouraged us to come do a few exhibition runs some time. Time to borrow a western saddle!

What’s on your list for summer?

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  1. excellent goals all around – but omg i just saw a picture of the cutest little blaze face ever omg and need more details!!!

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