Summer vacation

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much about Moe and Gina lately- that’s because I haven’t seen Moe and Gina lately. It’s been a busy week- and this week will be pretty busy, too.

Let me delve into a non-horse topic: the master bathroom.

Johnny and I have lived in our house for about four years. It’s in a town a bit north of Tulsa, where Johnny worked when the house was purchased. These days Johnny’s commuting 30 minutes to his job, I don’t have a regular job, and both of us spend part of every weekend driving into Tulsa to shop, eat, and go to entertainment-type stuff (museums, concerts, etc.). So we’re planning to sell our house within the next year.

A few months ago, we decided the first home improvement project we’d embark on was our master bathroom. It’s a small, cramped space which had a baby blue shower stall, a baby blue pedestal sink that wasn’t affixed to anything, and a hideous hunter green laminate floor.

So after watching a whole bunch of shower tear-out videos, we decided that surely we could do this ourselves.

Take that, ugly shower!

Everyone needs a reciprocating saw. I’ve cut down trees, unruly shrubs, lumber, a toilet that was grouted to the floor (in a different bathroom), and now a fiberglass shower unit with that thing. I love it. 

We ended up procrastinating on the bathroom project once the shower unit was removed; we had to send a floor sample off for asbestos testing (mercifully negative), we attended some classes at The Tile Shop (awesome) to learn how to properly build a new shower, and we spent weekends doing stuff unrelated to the bathroom.
Then, all of a sudden, it was June. And one of my best friends and her husband are coming to visit over the Fourth of July. And four adults sharing one bathroom is not a fun thought. 
So Johnny took the week off work and we’ve been cracking down on that stupid bathroom. We’ve soldered new pipes because the shower fixture needed a different setup. We’ve poured concrete to build up a new pre-pan. We’ve installed a liner and built a shower pan. Today, finally, the concrete is done, and we can tile.
Shower pan is done!

Johnny returns to work tomorrow, so I’ll be spending this week taming the yard, patching drywall, painting, and installing shelving. And riding Cutty, of course. I’m going to try to get down to at least feed the ponies some treats, but I’m calling this their summer vacation (and mine, too, I guess). 

So it may be a little quiet on the blog front; I am super excited to get this project finished and even more excited to see my friends! 

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