I’m officially putting the blog challenge on hiatus, and will be writing posts about things I want to write about. When I’m stuck in a rut, I’ll use the blog challenge topics as writing prompts. (Hey, I know y’all were worried about it.)

It’s summertime in Oklahoma, which means it’s officially hot. By 7 AM, it’s already 80 degrees; by 3 PM, the thermometer has risen to 90+. I can’t complain too much- after all, we had a very mild spring with lots of rain.

But still. I’m rocking running shorts and cowboy boots to do barn chores in the evening. After this weekend, I’ll be up before dawn, driving to the barn to ride while it’s cool. The work horses stand in their pastures, sweating in the sticky heat, because it’s too hot to stand under metal sheds. Flies move lethargically, as if they’re weighed down by humidity. Everyone considers taking a nap after lunch.

However, despite the weather, I’ve managed to work Princess Pony a few times. I’ve been longeing her a few times a week, for about 20 minutes at a time. I rode her last weekend; she was delightfully forward and supple for a horse that’s been out of consistent work for a year. I daresay Gina’s attitude is marginally better, too.

The side reins I purchased from Lauren at She Moved To Texas are getting some use- it’s always nice when you feel happy with your tack purchases! 
Colt and Moe have been doing nothing. I’m planning to schedule a rotation of riding Gina and Colt in the mornings and on weekends; I’d love to sell Gina by the end of the year, and I want to keep Colt progressing smoothly. We’ll see if I can stay motivated when my alarm is ringing at 5 AM. 

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