Friday Fun: Goliath

I’ve mentioned Goliath the giant Friesian/Tennessee Walker cross who lives at the barn before; he is a totally sweet rescue who enjoys eating cookies, being petted, and swimming.

Aoife asked for some pictures of good old Golly, and I’ve included some further down, but I thought we could all use some hilarity this Friday afternoon. Behold, Goliath the Swimming Wonder:

If you’re not a video person, just watch the first 30 seconds or so of the second video. Totally worth it.

Goliath is pretty bleached out here, but you can see his long, majestic mane and and tail. Such fancy. So beauty. 

And for scale, here he is with some of the barn’s lesson horses. (He’s on the far right.) The horse that’s second from the left is a Belgian/TB cross who’s about 17 hands. 

Have a great weekend!

Friday Fun: Horsetown

As most of you know, Johnny is not a horse guy. That doesn’t stop him from sharing horse related stuff, though.

Today, I want to share a very special song with you. That song is “Horsetown” by Crudbump, from the album NA$TYJAM$. (Don’t worry, “Horsetown” is safe for work.)

Horsetown by Crudbump on Grooveshark

Johnny plays this song just about any time he comes to the barn with me. (He owns the album.) We sing along to it. We randomly look at one another and say, “I had to go down to Horsetown to give a horse some caaaaaandy!”

And now you too can enjoy the sweet sounds of “Horsetown”. Maybe you should go there, possibly feed your horse some candy. Or oats. Or eggs.