Grooming Products

Despite my Pony Club upbringing (my club, at least, had no tolerance for Show Sheen, etc.), I like grooming products. When I worked as the equine manager for the therapeutic riding center, they were a fairly essential part of the daily routine. Cleaning and prepping 20 horses a day for lessons in addition to teaching meant I was usually pressed for time; while no grooming product is a substitute for good horse care, it’s really handy to work a little bit of Cowboy Magic through a tangled tail and have it come away soft and silky 30 seconds later.

My day to day product list is pretty short. I use Vetrolin detangler about twice a week on Gina’s tail and about once a week on Moe’s. Gina’s tail is super thick and luxurious, but is apt to get knotted in the 35 mph wind gusts we have here. Moe’s sad, thin little tail doesn’t have that problem unless it doesn’t get brushed for three years. I like the Vetrolin because it’s not too slippery or greasy and it coats the hair with just enough silicone that it stays tangle free.

These MOSS Fresh Rider Grooming Wipes were included on a Bit of Britain order I placed way back in October. They are SUPER. Moe frequently acts as if I have hit him in the face with a brush every day of his life (not true, only every other day), so these good-smelling wipes are very handy for removing eye gunk, dirt, and sweat marks from my poor, abused horse’s head. I imagine I could achieve the same thing with baby wipes, but do they make baby wipes that smell like peppermints? I don’t think so.

What do y’all use? Anyone else think MTG smells like nasty, nasty bacon grease? Any detanglers better than Vetrolin?