Current Dilemma: Starter or BN?

Southern Hills Riding Academy’s fall schooling event has its entry form up, which you know means I am already emailing/Facebooking Trainer Anne non-stop about it. The show is just over a month away and closing date isn’t for weeks, but I’ve got the entire form filled out except for the division. Therein lies my dilemma: starter or beginner novice division?

Obviously, Gina has the dressage prowess to compete in BN. I’d like to compete in BN because it will be what we do at recognized shows. The only problem? Seven inches and some cross-country jumps.

G has been happily gallivanting over 18″-2′ XC and stadium jumps for a couple of months, which is great. She seems to have finally gained the necessary confidence to jump without fear that I will totally mess up her flow by hitting her in the mouth or laying on her neck. However, I’m concerned she hasn’t reached the point of trusting me completely. I’m a bit afraid that faced with scary, 2’7″ XC logs she will freak out and lose all confidence. I don’t want the event to be a negative experience.

I suppose I’ve just answered my own question. We’re probably better off starting with the starter division, performing a walk-trot dressage test, and navigating a course of 2′ baby logs. Better to have her bored but confident than challenged and terrified, right?