Riding Playlist

Confession time: I have never ridden my horse while wearing a pair of headphones and listening to music.

I keep meaning to bring a pair out to the barn, but inevitably forget. Solution? I found a second pair, stuffed them in my barn tote, and am going to keep them there.

So here’s where I need some help from my fellow equestrians: What songs are you jamming to when you’re doing long trot sets or working on establishing a rhythmic canter? What helps you warm up? Cool down?

I’ve put together a tentative playlist, most of it borrowing heavily from my jogging playlist.

In case you can’t see the embedded playlist, here’s a text list:

  • “A Hard Lesson To Learn” by Shooter Jennings
  • “Jah No Partial” by Major Lazer (featuring Flux Pavilion)
  • “Celeste” by Ezra Vine
  • “F%#k You (I’m Famous)” by Shooter Jennings
  • “Oceans & Streams” by The Black Keys
  • “Tennessee Waltz” by Sam Cooke
  • “Spirit In The Sky” by Norman Greenbaum
  • “Amidinine” by Bombino
  • “Oklahoma Hills” by Hank Thompson
  • “Core And Ride” by Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire
  • “Go To Sleep” by The Avett Brothers
  • “Heavy metal drummer” by Wilco
  • “Generals” by The Mynabirds
  • “What You Know” by T.I.
  • “Bring Em Home (Gold Jacket Remix)” by D.Veloped
  • “Money Maker” by Young Jeezy
  • “Easy” by Deer Tick
  • “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse
Most of the songs range from 90-150 beats per minute. I’m going to try the playlist out this afternoon- I’ll be sure to let you know how it works!