Notes on G’s Diet

For a Thoroughbred, G is a surprisingly easy keeper. I remember when I met G in January- I was amazed at how good she looked in the dead of an unusually harsh Oklahoma winter. She was shiny, energetic, and in excellent weight. For that matter, all of the horses at the equestrian center looked great, right down to the 27 year old Quarter Horse gelding with only a handful of teeth.

What voodoo magic are they getting fed? ADM Patriot 12% horse feed. (Well, the elderly QH and a little Arab eat ADM Patriot Senior.) This stuff is phenomenal. It’s formulated with added vitamins and minerals in the feed mix, so additional supplements aren’t necessary. It’s low starch, and as an added bonus, has a yeast supplement added to aid in digestion. Best part? It’s $13 a bag at my local feed store. 
Now, G and the program guys also eat hay, of course, mostly from round bales. Gina currently splits round bales with her lot-mate, a little Quarter Horse gelding named Whiskey. The program horses also go out to small pastures and get to spend time grazing. It’s an arrangement that works wonderfully. Gina is very healthy and her feed is packed with good things to help her get as fit as possible. The program horses are what’s really impressive, though- we have everything from a 10 year old Haflinger gelding to a 29 year old mule, and every last one of them looks great, moves well, and has a clean bill of health from the vet. And they’re all eating ADM Patriot. I can’t say enough good things about it.
*NOTE: I have received no compensation for this post from ADM. ADM doesn’t know I exist. I just really, really like their products!