Throwback Thursday: Stylin’ & profilin’

As you can see, I was a very stylish child. This is a picture my mom snapped of me as I was headed off to ride. It’s not dated, but I’m hazarding a guess that it was taken around 1997 or 1998, based on the van, the braces, and the helmet. 
Stray Observations
  • Was this before I had riding breeches? I can’t remember the last time I wore jeans to ride my own horses. (It was probably whenever this picture was taken.)
  • You can see our half-constructed arena fence in the background. It stayed that way for several years, before my dad gave up on finishing it. (I never bothered to ride in the arena, because I am an ungrateful child.)
  • I grew up as an only child (I have a half-sister who’s nine yeas older than me and didn’t live with us growing up), so I have no idea why my parents bought a giant van. It was just me and them. We took it on vacation once, found some blue plastic barrels for sale, bought them, and crammed all 4 of them into the back of the van to take them home. They were the best for jumps!
  • To this day, I have the same problem of polo shirt sleeves coming almost to my elbows. I have T-Rex arms, y’all. :'(

Fashion Friday

Depending on the time of year, you’ll typically find me at the barn in either a grubby t-shirt (summer) or a hair-covered fleece jacket (winter), with equally gross breeches, and tall boots that saw better days about 10 years ago. And a hat.

Or at least, that’s what you’d find before I moved my horses into the middle of Tulsa. Now, instead of just going to the barn and going home, I sometimes incorporate errands like grocery shopping or electronics recycling into my trips. Sometimes I have lunch with Johnny before I ride. I almost always stop at the QuikTrip near the barn to use the restroom and buy an enormous iced tea. In an effort to avoid being kicked out of any of these establishments, I’ve been trying to look a little more presentable on barn trips. (QT is like…the most deluxe gas station/convenience store in the world. Texas people, back me up on this.)

Here’s what I’ve been wearing over the last few weeks:

On Course breeches, Eddie Bauer shirt, Target vest, Mid-America hat

On Course breeches, Old Navy shirt, Carhartt vest, Polo hat, Buckle
sunglasses, mid-90s Croakies

On Course schoolers, Eddie Bauer shirt, Eddie Bauer vest, Polo hat,
Buckle sunglasses, Croakies

On Course breeches, horse camp tee, Patagonia fleece, Mid-America hat,
Buckle sunglasses, Croakies

On Course breeches, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park long-
sleeved tee, Nike Dri-Fit hat, Buckle sunglasses, Croakies
On Course breeches, polo training school tee, Skyhawk equestrian team
jacket, Mid-America hat, Buckle sunglasses, Croakies

I have a hat for almost every outfit, no joke.

As you can see, almost all of my breeches are tan! I also have two black pairs, that blue-grey pair, and a hunter green pair. I’m not a fan of black, and have no idea what to wear with the hunter green. I’d love some suggestions for those if anyone has them.

About the hats: I have 8 hats advertising Mid-America Farm & Ranch in Talala, Oklahoma because they give you a hat for every ton of feed you purchase. They were our supplier for most of the horse feed we purchased at the therapeutic riding center, so we frequently had free hats in the office. I accumulated these (as well as the red and brown Cactus Ropes hat and the tan Safeguard hat) over the course of the three years I worked there. I also have a hat problem.
I’d love to see more of what y’all are wearing to the barn! (And would love to hear suggestions for those hunter green breeches I have.)