Imagine That

Digging around in Gina’s files at work this week led me to the joyous discovery of her lifetime registration with the USEF! Good news, for sure, because that nonsense costs $200 and is definitely out of my budget. Better news: USEF has a super online record database for all horses registered with them! Best news: show name problem is taken care of. She’s registered as “Imagine That” and since it costs $60 to change it, big mare is staying “Imagine That” because I’m broke and there are better things on which to spend $60. (Thanks to everyone who suggested names. There was Kimberlina from my friend Becky, Princess Jinglebottom from Trainer Anne, Amareican G from the Blue Whale of Catoosa [no really, he Tweeted at me], and The Divine Miss G from my mother.) 

Interesting tidbits from her show record: she was shown mostly hunters (under saddle and over fences) and records indicate she was mediocre at best. Lots of middling places (4th of 6, 5th of 10, etc.) in there. Also notable: a whole slew of last places and did not places in every jumper class she was entered in! This doesn’t really bode well for her future in eventing, but I’m willing to place most of the blame on her rider. I think she’ll do better with someone who isn’t prone to laying on her neck. 
I also found a certificate proclaiming her as part of the Oklahoma-bred Thoroughbred program. So all of her magical, imaginary little Thoroughbred racehorse babies will be eligible for special stakes races. Woo.
I suppose it’s true you learn something new every day. We’re off to practice dressage tomorrow morning; here’s to more learning!