Tentative calendar for 2017

Most of the local show calendars have been published, and I spent an hour or so last week combining each organization’s show schedule into one master list. I have a busy work calendar this year, so I wanted to get a clear picture of what local shows I could attend as a competitor.

There are a few local circuits I’ll be chasing points on: Green Country Dressage, Oklahoma Dressage Society, Oklahoma Eventing Circuit, and Sport Of Kings Challenge. I’m not sure if I’ll take the time and money to go to a USEA sanctioned event this year; I’m not nuts about the only recognized show here in Oklahoma, but out of state shows (like last year’s event at Willow Draw in Texas) make for a long and expensive trip. I’m not trying to qualify for the AECs or anything, so I’d rather spend my time and money supporting the schooling shows that are within a 2-3 hour drive and cost significantly less.

Maybe less flying leaps this year.

Here’s what the show schedule looks like for each horse:

02/19/17: Celtic Cross combined test (dressage & stadium)
03/05/17: Sport Of Kings Challenge horse trial
04/09/17: Gallery Farm combined test (dressage & XC)
07/09/17: Sport Of Kings Challenge horse trial
09/10/17: Gallery Farm combined test (dressage & XC)
09/23/17: Southern Hills horse trial
11/05/17: Celtic Cross combined test (dressage & stadium)
12/03/17: Sport Of Kings Challenge horse trial

03/11/17: Green Country Dressage schooling show
05/27/17: Green Country Dressage schooling show
09/16/17: Green Country Dressage schooling show
11/04/17: Green Country Dressage schooling show

I’ll hit all 3 Sport Of Kings Challenge horse trials, and 5 of 8 Oklahoma Eventing Circuit shows with Moe. On Gina, I’ll ride in enough dressage schooling shows to qualify for year end awards; I’d like to get the three-show requirement out of the way earlier in the year, but it just isn’t possible with my work schedule. The last dressage show may be axed from her calendar if she’s uncomfortably pregnant in early November- we’ll see if she even stays pregnant this year! Candy may end up riding along to some of these shows; she may even end up competing in some of them.

More swimming in 2017!

What else do I plan to do this year? Foxhunt, of course! Harvard’s closing hunt is March 25; I plan to hunt as much as possible between now and then, as well as when the season resumes in the fall. I’ll also trail ride in those long, hot summer months (and work on earning some TIP prizes)! Gina will be bred in April, so keep your fingers crossed she’ll stay pregnant. Otherwise, I’ll be hatching a plan to steal my neighbor’s foal once it’s born. (It’s a full sibling to Doug Payne’s former ride Royal Tribute.)

More Rolex!

I’m also planning to attend Rolex this year; I hope I’ll be able to meet up with some of you! I will sadly not be at Dressage at Devon again, as I’ve got a wedding to attend that weekend. (I don’t know why people don’t arrange their weddings around horse shows, jeez.) Work is sending me to World Cup in Omaha in March- if any of you will be there, let me know! I’ll also be at a variety of shows in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, so maybe I’ll get a chance to see more equestrian bloggers.

What are your plans shaping up to look like in 2017?


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17 thoughts on “Tentative calendar for 2017”

  1. Sounds like a full calendar! I can’t wait to read along! I really hope Gina takes and keeps this time. I was so disappointed for you when she absorbed the last baby.
    I’m in such limbo with my horses, I can’t even begin to come up with a plan. I’m hoping I just have one that doesn’t limp that I’m capable of riding. Then we’ll go from there!

  2. That looks like a fun schedule! My favorite cousin is getting married this summer and originally had her wedding booked the weekend of Rebecca Farm. Thankfully I managed to avoid the family drama of explaining why a horse show was trumping wedding when her venue fell through for that weekend.

    1. I have been seriously contemplating how to get out of this wedding, because it’s SUPER inconvenient for me to be gone from work that week. (It’s Devon AND Region 4 Champs!) I think I’m stuck going, as it’s my sister-in-law’s wedding, though. Ugh.

    1. The dressage dates get scheduled in late fall, but I was surprised the eventing group got it together so quickly! (H/J organizations haven’t published anything yet!)

  3. So exciting to already be thinking about events!!! We usually don’t start in earnest til around April here so I feel like I still have time. Oh and my horse isn’t trained yet anyway lol. Fingers crossed Gina behaves herself better this year and stays knocked up!!

  4. ROLEX! You have a lot planned. My schedule is a bit up in the air with Houston coming back. I am already entered in a schooling HT in a couple weeks though so I can’t wait for that!

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