The $900 Facebook Pony Blog Hop: The Horsewoman’s Handbag


Amanda of The $900 Facebook Pony wants to know: What weird horse stuff do you have lurking in your purse?


Oh man. I have so much horse stuff lurking in my purse. ‘Purse’ is a bit of a stretch, I suppose, since I typically carry an open-top LL Bean Boat & Tote bag. It’s large and very convenient. Too warm to wear my jacket home? Into the bag! Need to take SmartPaks to the barn? Into the bag! Taking an extra Nalgene bottle today? Into the bag! Stopped at the grocery store to pick up something for dinner? I don’t need a bag, thanks- I brought my own!


Horse-related, I’ve got:

  • Scored dressage tests from last weekend
  • Blank copies of those dressage tests (for memorizing)
  • A loose ring slow twist snaffle
  • Guter Sitz Sit Tite Spray
  • A longe line
  • A copy of the latest USDF Connection
  • The horses’ Coggins tests (I keep meaning to make copies at work)
  • My trailer logbook (kitten notebook toward the bottom)
  • Lucky Braids handy salve
  • A tape measure

Every other month or so (or when there are so many things in there that I have to dig around to find my keys), I’ll clean it out to just my planner, my water bottle, and my wallet. But sooner or later, it fills up again!

Author: Stephanie

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17 thoughts on “The $900 Facebook Pony Blog Hop: The Horsewoman’s Handbag”

    1. The western world might not need this stuff- it’s basically a spray that makes your saddle ‘stickier’. Like, have you ever ridden in a really grippy saddle that made you feel like you were really secure in the saddle? That’s what this spray does- it makes pretty much any leather feel grippy. You just spray it on the seat and the flaps (and on your boots if desired) and BOOM! Grippy leather. I like to use it when I’m going to be wearing knee patch breeches for a dressage show; it kind of makes it feel more like I’m wearing full seats.

  1. You definitely get points for originality with the lunge line!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who carries around a tape measure though – seriously so useful!!

  2. lolz very nice collection!!! sure beats the pony club rules of always wearing a belt in case of a loose horse – who needs a belt when you have a spare lunge line?!?

  3. i really love that you have a bit and a lunge line in your purse.

    once i was driving on the NY thruway and we got stuck in traffic of someone trying to catch a horse that was somehow running loose on the road (we think he jumped out of his field). so you NEVER KNOW when youre going to need at the very least a lead rope!!

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