The $900 FB Pony Blog Hop: The Little Things


Amanda of The $900 Facebook Pony has a great blog hop right now:  What are the “little things” about your horse that you’re so fond of?




Where do I start? There are many, many things about this horse that I appreciate.

  • Easy to load: Moe gets SO EXCITED when he sees me hooking up the trailer and he’s ALWAYS eager to get on board. (Unlike Gina, who is always eager to get away from me when she sees the trailer!) At the end of a long day at a show, it’s nice to know that he’ll perkily get on the trailer to go home without any fuss.
  • Eats anything: I’m glad he isn’t a picky eater (unlike Gina, who spits out treats she feels are not delicious enough), although sometimes it gets a little ridiculous when he’s inhaling glazed donuts or snacking on Cheez-Its.
  • Jumps anything: He’s never encountered a jump he doesn’t like- he’s game to go over ditches, through water, over brightly colored stuff, and over just plain weird stuff.
  • Takes care of beginners: While Moe’s regular lesson kid isn’t a beginner, he’s toted around several un-horsey people, including Johnny, half of Johnny’s family, and new lesson people at the barn. Moe is well behaved and careful, although he gets a little offended if someone pulls on the reins too hard.



It often sounds like there is literally nothing I like about this horse, but that’s not true- I promise! Gina’s haughty demeanor hides her soft, squishy heart.

  • Great work ethic: This mare shows up for work every single day. She’s usually focused on the task at hand and does her best to accomplish it. (Admittedly, this may be because she’s figured out that the sooner she does something, the sooner she can stop doing it!)
  • Sensible: I like to joke about Gina losing her mind over shadows and gusts of wind, but for the most part, she is a very sensible horse who doesn’t spook at much. During one of my earliest rides on her, I’d brought my dog Buttons to the barn; Buttons jumped up Gina’s leg while I was chatting with my trainer, and Gina didn’t bat an eye. Just last weekend she stood like a rock while a barn cat weaved through her legs. And let’s not forget that she’s totally cool with the ruckus on the hunt field- hounds, horns, horses everywhere!
  • Good looking: When you have a homely horse like Moe for most of your life, you really appreciate the good looking horses out there. Gina is gorgeous- blood bay with two hind socks, a feminine head, a luxurious tail, basically good conformation, and pretty movement.

I love and appreciate both horses

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10 thoughts on “The $900 FB Pony Blog Hop: The Little Things”

  1. I love the difference in the pictures. Moe is like I love people, I love food, everything is awesome. Gina is all, I am awesome and all I see is beneath me.

  2. I love it when horses get so excited about the trailer. The horse from my teenage years is like that, he leaps right in and often refuses to get back in the trailer when he knows we’re going home. Meanwhile Rico is only excited when he knows it’s a trail ride (going with other horses). He gets right in if he’s alone but he isn’t very pleased.

    Work ethic is so nice, I love a horse who wants to get to work. Makes all the difference!

  3. I can totally feel your love for Gina in your posts, because I too love a horse that is occasionally a wingding.

    Yes, I’m referring to the 1990’s font, wingdings. It’s like they are in code!

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