The influence of dressage queens

I got dem dressage skillz
I got dem dressage skillz

I’ve been at my barn for a little over a year now, and for the most part, it’s pretty awesome. A good friend is the barn owner, manager, and trainer all in one. My horses are extremely well cared for. My horses make themselves useful in lessons (you know, when Moe isn’t bucking his children off or freaking them out by going too fast). I can set up all the jumps I want, and no one complains (or steals them). There’s an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, and a big hay field for riding.

There’s just one teeny, tiny problem:Ā it’s full of dressage queens. And it’s starting to make me question my eventer-ness. Here’s how I know I’ve been spending too much time with dressage people:

  • I’m beginning to consider the merits of pre-tied stock ties.
  • I’ve considered putting a sparkly browband on my dressage bridle
  • My horses now wear boots for flatting.
  • Any jump over 2′ looks impressive because I reset it to that height from a tiny crossrail.
Gina actually jumped these once.
Gina actually jumped these once.
  • Dressage shows now sound like a good time instead of a nightmare.
  • I get nervous when I have to memorize a test for a show instead of having someone read it to me.
  • 20 x 40 meter arenas feel cramped.
  • I’ve made up an acronym to remember the letters in a 20 x 60 arena. (All King Victor Edward’s Shiny Horses Can Make Really Big Purple Fences)
  • The horses’ manes are longer than 3″
How else would we achieve these braids?
  • Eventing tests seem weird because there’s no halt at X upon entry
  • IĀ willingly practice dressage

I know, I know, it’s total madness. But I guess I can’t complain, since Moe had a personal best dressage score last month and Gina won me a neck ribbon last year…

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23 thoughts on “The influence of dressage queens”

    1. Sometimes it’s fun, because I can ask for advice on how to do a better job with leg yields or something. Other times it’s kind of a pain because no one else ever wants to set courses. (And I always have to reset my jumps.)

      DQs (at least the ones I know) are a lot nicer than the internet often gives them credit for, though!

  1. I think maybe sparkly browbands have hypnotic powers. Also, they are hard to resist when you are surrounded with enablers.

    1. I feel ridiculous putting boots on to flat, but it seems like the cool thing to do…and it makes me feel just a tiny bit more like a “real” dressage rider, so I figure the confidence is worth something lolz

    I really love dutch drop browbands, I think you should totally get one of those. Also, pre-tied stock ties are amazing! I don’t know why you wouldn’t want one!
    I love dressage shows, mostly because I know what time to show up, I can get my tests done without waiting around for delays, and then I can leave. I rather enjoy it not being an all day affair.

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