The struggle of men’s riding apparel

After riding in jeans a couple of weeks ago, Johnny promptly requested some proper breeches because jeans are “fucking miserable”.  So we stopped by work yesterday to browse the very sad men’s section (and to buy Johnny his very own navy blue IRH helmet).

The men’s section at the store is pathetically small; we simply don’t have much demand for the stuff. What we do have is a ragtag selection of mostly tan knee patch breeches in a few sizes. (And a handful of show shirts, ties, and jackets.) Johnny was able to find a pair of dark brown Tailored Sportsmans in a size that’s appropriate for his waist, but not his height. He thought they were an enormous improvement over jeans, even if he did look sort of silly wearing breeches that rode halfway up his calves with a pair of white athletic socks and a pair of brown paddock boots. (I’ll add that this ensemble was completed with a tie-dyed t-shirt. And we went to the grocery store afterwards.)

When we got home from the barn yesterday, I started browsing through various manufacturers the store carries. Johnny requested a pair of breeches in a dark green, which I thought would be pretty easy to find. Boy, was I wrong. Trying to find an affordable pair of men’s breeches in a color other than black, beige, or white is nigh on impossible.

Horze’s Grand Prix breeches come in a pretty dark blue, and euro-star’s Gordon breeches are available in several colors (dark green is not among them, though). Schockemohle’s Draco is a good-looking breech that doesn’t come in dark green. And somehow, even Pikeur only seems to make men’s breeches in two dozen shades of brown.

I thought I had it hard as an equestrian with extra wide calves and big hips, but I have it pretty easy compared to poor Johnny!

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7 thoughts on “The struggle of men’s riding apparel”

      1. They’re more of an ‘athletic’, low-rise cut. Not baggy & pleated like some of the men’s breeches. Plus, colors! My hubby wants them in every color they make even though he barely rides a few times a year!

  1. i’ve actually heard similar things about men’s breeches – that it’s impossible to find anything reasonable without paying an arm and a leg… good luck finding the right pair!

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