Things seen at Rolex 2016

Things seen at Rolex 2016

Rolex 2016 is in the books, and I’m absolutely thrilled I went! It was a fast-paced and fun weekend; I was really sad I didn’t get to meet up with more horse bloggers while I was there. (My phone had zero data service at KHP, so I missed emails and messages all weekend long. Sad!)

Here are some of the things I saw in Lexington this weekend:


  • A dog in a bar
  • Someone fishing a phone out of a port-a-potty (a woman dropped her phone in and her daughter fished it out with a couple of sticks)
  • A jump that made me think, “Hey, I could get a horse over that!”¬†jump8
  • Several very drunk people dressed as if they were attending an outdoor music festival (we’re talking cutoff denim shorts cut so short the pockets were hanging out and several-sizes-too-small tank tops proclaiming the wearer’s love of The Eagles)
  • Lots and lots of things I wanted to buy (my mantra for the weekend was “I work in a tack store. I work in a tack store.”)
  • A dog wearing a trash bag in lieu of a raincoat in Saturday’s torrential downpour
  • Chinch of Eventing Nationchinch
  • A dog cuter than Buttons
  • The backside of Keeneland¬†(to visit a very cute Thoroughbred who’s going home with my friend’s old trainer when he’s done racing)keeneland
  • Genny of A Gift Horse (who I was absolutely delighted to hang out with on Sunday for an hour or so!)

(Of course, I saw all the normal Rolex stuff too, like dozens of excellent cross country rides, several jumps that would make me pee my pants, and Michael Jung winning handily.)

How was your weekend?

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