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I do my taxes every year just as soon as that W2 comes in the mail. (Johnny is a tax procrastinator, which drives me insane.) I was really pleased with my refund this year, which should be deposited into my bank account soon. You know what that means- shopping spree!

I’m not spending the whole thing on stuff; the bulk of it’s going in my savings account, just in case Moe falls in the pond and breaks a leg (shoot him) or Gina flips over backwards in the crossties and breaks her neck (shoot her).

The list is fairly subdued, but I thought I’d share it with y’all, because shopping is fun. Additionally, if you have any of the items on my shopping list and want to sell them, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at stejpeck (at) gmail (dot) com. I’d love to send money to a fellow blogger instead of a tack store. And we all know it’s a pain to break in brand new stuff!

Black Rubber Reins I have a pair of these Harwich rubber reins from SmartPak in the Hazlenut color and love them. My black dressage bridle came with web reins, which I hate and are sent straight from hell.
Halter Nameplates– I recently unearthed 3 leather halters of varying states of grossness from my trailer. I think I can salvage them; I’d like to get nameplates or tags for both horses. (Question: Should I go with barn names [Moe & Gina] or show names [Richnfree & Imagine That]?) Does anyone hand stamp tags for a business or hobby? Do you know someone who does? Let me know!
Polo Wraps– I usually wrap or put on SMBs every time I ride. It doesn’t hurt to have the extra leg protection and support, right? I have a set of royal blue polos and a set of kelly green SMBs. I don’t know if it’s reading all these hunter blogs or what, but I can’t bring myself to use the blue polos with anything other than the royal blue or white saddle pad, and the green SMBs with anything other than the white pad. I thought white polos were the answer, but this hilarious turquoise set with a pink crown is PERFECT for Princess Pony. Plus, I think they might match my mint green saddle pad? (Which appears more turquoise than green.) However, if anyone has a set of black or white or gray polos they want to sell me, let me know.
Breeches– I won’t say I have a breeches problem. I have a modest number of them, and two pairs are reserved for shows only. However, almost all of my breeches are a variation on tan. I have a smokey blue/gray pair that I trot out when I’m feeling sassy. Seeing as how dark gray is my favorite color of all time, a pair of dark gray breeches would be a good purchase. I’d like to get a fun plaid or houndstooth pair, but how fat do we want my ass to look, really?!
Other fun things I’d like to buy include more saddle pads (HOW CAN YOU HAVE TOO MANY?), tall socks, and horse cookies. (Although I think I’m going to try making my own cookies. Stay tuned for a post on that!) 
Again, let me know if you have anything you’re looking to part with! And let me know if you have recommendations for any of the items I’m looking for!

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  1. Since the hubs and I file together now, we spend it on a vacation. 🙁 I mean, it's great and all, but then I don't get to devote any portion to magical horsie accruements.

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