Throwback Thursday

You may remember Spike from previous Throwback Thursdays (our XC mishapsenthusiastic show jumping). Here we are at my Pony Club’s annual Halloween trail ride in 1998. I’m wearing a fabulous outfit of hunter green chaps, jeans, and a Kentucky Derby t-shirt (and bangs!) If I recall correctly, this was the first Halloween trail ride I went out with the “fast” group. My club offered two groups for the trail ride- the fast group that cantered and occasionally jumped, and the slow group that walked at a leisurely pace. Spike was fine, but the other horse you can see just behind him, Buster, was not. My dad ended up riding Buster in the fast group with me because he was freaking out at being away from Spike. 
Fun fact: I still have that halter AND that horse trailer!

Author: Stephanie

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6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

    1. Thanks! Pictures like this always make me think "I will get bangs next time I get my hair cut!" and then I do and then I am 12 all over again. Sad.

  1. I sometimes got to play at pony club if I was in Ireland at the same time as poby club camp took place at my family's farm (happened 3 times) so we'd join for the summer or the two/three weeks we were there. No competitions or real PC friendships gained but they were fab weeks full of learning for a horse starved kid like me :-p

  2. Cute! I don't rem there being pony club where I grew up riding.. who knows! Ha

    Looks like a fun outing tho and how cool that you still have pics to rem it by 🙂

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