Throwback Thursday

2001 MidSouth Regional Pony Club Rally, Kentucky Horse Park. I’m riding an absolutely lovely five year old Quarter Horse gelding named Bailey. He was a big, stout creature who happily jumped most things and didn’t complain much about dressage.
I was borrowing him from another girl in my pony club; my horse Spike was still recovering from having bone spurs removed from his hocks. Bailey was a homebred, and his two full siblings were Prelim-level eventers.
He was for sale and came with a hefty (but justifiable) price tag. I pleaded with my parents to buy him for me to no avail. (And I ended up with Moe just two years later.)
I don’t know where Bailey ended up, but I always think of him fondly for helping my confidence and giving me one of the most pleasant, stress-free Rallies I ever competed in.

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