Throwback Thursday

Sadie & I at a Pony Club function.
Sadie & I at a Pony Club function.

Sadie and I at a Pony Club function, 1997 or 1998. I have no real recollection of what’s going on here; so many of my early PC events bleed together as one hazy memory. The best I can figure is that this was some sort of mock-Rally or the club’s annual horse trial. I’d guess I’m going into the show jumping phase here, though why I have a standing martingale and a ghetto flash noseband on my horse is beyond me.

Sadie was a very sweet Quarter Horse mare my parents bought for me when I got serious about riding. She was well-broke and quiet and a perfect first horse for a youngster- she definitely didn’t live up to the chestnut mare reputation! Sadie carried me through my first years of eventing, along with many hunter classes at 4H and Bridle & Saddle Club shows. She even won me a high-point dressage award!

Sadie was short, only about 14.3 hands, and I quickly outgrew her. We sold her to a nice family with several children who rode; they loved her so much that when they moved from Tennessee to Colorado, they took her with them. I think they even bred her a couple of times, though what became of her offspring, I don’t know.

I always think of Sadie fondly; while Thoroughbreds get all the glory for their athleticism and work ethic, I believe Quarter Horses are right up there with them (with a lot less crazy)!

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  1. Adorable! I love quarter horses. My fancy pants junior hunter (who I qualified for indoors AND Devon!) was an appendix quarter horse. Best mix ever.
    My naughty Duck is a quarter horse warmblood cross. That is not an ideal mix. Cute though. Very cute.

  2. I know I’ve seen this picture before, but I never noticed Anne Lacey’s trailer in the background until now. I guess your little kid grin always distracted me

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