Throwback Thursday: My first horse show

Me, my trainer Miss Julie, and her pony Ginger.

Way, way back in 1996, I went to my first horse show: the Maury County 4-H Horse Show. It was a big deal. My instructor, Miss Julie, had entered me on her pony Ginger in the novice walk-trot hunt seat equitation class. 
Ginger and I won the class. I like to joke that it’s been all downhill since then, but that’s not totally true. I’ve had other shows where I’ve won, but more importantly, I’ve had other shows where I felt like I won- even if I didn’t get first place.
I still have that ribbon, with my mother’s neat handwriting on the back noting the date, the class, and the judge’s name. It marks the beginning of my competitive equestrian life. Two years later, I would join Pony Club and take up eventing. Nearly twenty years later, I’m still riding and showing- and I couldn’t be happier.

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13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: My first horse show”

    1. I was THRILLED! It was a big class and I was sure I hadn't won anything because I didn't hear my name called for fifth or fourth or third or second.

      I still look pretty much like that when I win anything, except now I have a more flattering helmet.

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