Throwback Thursday: My first pony

So cute. So evil.
So cute. So evil.

My parents had horses before I was born. My dad had a chestnut Quarter Horse mare named Tammy; he was always a casual rider, who liked to go on trail rides. (Later in my life, he would serve as an outrider on my cross country schooling jaunts and at horse trials.) My mom had a little gray Arabian gelding named Romeo and took lessons at a hunter/jumper barn. I suppose it made sense to them to find a horse for me so I could ride, too.

My mom found Daisy in the local newspaper classified section and bought her, plus a saddle and bridle for a whopping $350. She was delivered to us on Independence Day, 1991.

Loose pony + child in inappropriate footwear = success

Daisy was some kind of Shetland mix and possibly the cutest pony who ever lived. She was also a brat, regularly throwing me off. One memorable time, she bucked me off, bolted off down the road, and was returned to us by our neighbors with her saddle broken. She managed to buck my dad off once or twice; I think she missed her calling in the rodeo.

Pictured here with my cousin Andy, who had zero interest in ponies.
Pictured here with my cousin Andy, who had zero interest in ponies.

When we moved to Tennessee, we gave Daisy to one of my kindergarten classmates whose mother ran the local 4-H drill team. He sent me postcard updates on her for several years; his family had her until she died of old age.

Thankfully, my next mount wasn’t quite so enamored with throwing her riders!

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    1. I think ponies are bad because there are so few small adults to ride them! Kids who don’t know any better let them get away with all kinds of stuff, so they end up being pretty rotten.

      I don’t know how Daisy ended up with the same people forever! I’m guessing my classmate’s mother found a use for her on the drill team, so they kept her.

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