Throwback Thursday: UTM Fun Show

I made this photo super large so y’all could get a good laugh out of my facial expression. Jumper classes are SERIOUS BUSINESS, okay?

This was taken in 2007 at a low-key fun show put together as a fundraiser for the UTM equestrian team. I am on Moe.

Moe and I competed in many jumper rounds over the years. I’ve always thought they were a good way for green horses to get exposure; ten years ago, I could show Moe in 2 or 3 classes for under $50, which I thought was a pretty good deal. Plus, jumper classes are fun!

Moe was never a terrifically successful jumper. He was quick, agile, and handy, but we regularly dropped rails. I’m sure this had nothing to do with my complete inability to see a distance or my penchant for clutching Moe’s mane and hoping for the best when we took off fifteen feet from the base of the fence.

This was the first time my coach and many of my teammates had seen me ride my own horse; my coach told me we were terrifying. Our very fast, possibly frightening riding did merit us first place in the class, though.

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    1. I crack myself up looking at riding photos. I am always super serious/angry. In normal, non-riding life, I am usually smiling or laughing or generally looking pleasant. Who is this scary woman riding horses??

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