Throwback Thursday

2003, show jumping phase of Middle Tennessee Pony Club Horse Trials at Brownland Farm. Moe is 8 here. I am just shy of my 17th birthday. Moe still gets that eager look on his face when jumps are around. At 19, he is very much the same as he was at 8, although I suppose he’s slightly more sensible now than he was 11 years ago. (For example, he no longer spooks if he steps on his own lead rope.)
I consider myself very lucky to have had such a good horse for so many years. I hope there are many more in our future!

Author: Stephanie

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    1. I'm sure you will! You take great care of Simon- poor Moe has had to endure over a decade of no stalling, minimal blanketing, and sometimes questionable riding and he's held up pretty well. 😉

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