Time for a reunion tour, or the importance of having fun

Novice log @ KHP
Moe jumping a Novice log at the KY Horse Park in 2004.

A couple of weeks ago, the only eventing facility in Oklahoma that hosts a USEA recognized event posted on their Facebook page that they would have one final schooling horse trial before their recognized fall horse trials. I bugged a couple of friends to go; everyone declined, but one person at the barn offered me the use of her bumper pull trailer. I practically jumped up and down with excitement.

As I was reviewing the entry form, I tried to figure out which division I wanted to enter Gina in. I felt confident she could handle starter, with jumps only 2′. But I wanted a challenge! The 2’7 beginner novice was much more appealing, but I haven’t been jumping Gina much lately, and I still don’t trust her to go confidently over stadium jumps of that size. (I don’t know if I trust her to go over 2′ stadium jumps without having a meltdown, either.)

It occurred to me that I didn’t want to go to this show and have a bad time. (After all, we just did that at the dressage show!) I wanted to have fun, and I wanted to build my confidence. I’m not frightened or nervous, per se, just tired of feeling like a terrible rider when my horse has a tantrum about canter poles.

So I entered Moe. The cross country will be 10 or so jumps and run 2-2:30 minutes according to the entry form. The stadium jumping will be similarly short. Moe is in good shape from participating in multiple lessons per week, and I can’t imagine he’ll have any trouble with a few jumps. The USEA dressage test looks ridiculously short and easy after spending months focusing solely on USDF tests (although what’s with all the trotting around?!).

Dressage has never really been a strong point.
Dressage has never really been a strong point.

For the first time in years, I’m feeling nothing but excitement about our impending competition. I’m not worried about my horse’s ability to jump, I’m not worried he’ll freak out, I’m not worried he’ll pull back and break his halter at the trailer. As always with Moe, I am marginally concerned our dressage test will be hideous, but that’s more of an “accept and move on” thing.

Moe and I are entered in the novice division, so we’ll be jumping a max of 2’11 and performing USEA Novice Test B. If this goes well, maybe I’ll save up and enter him in the fall HT. I’m super pumped to kick off our reunion tour next Saturday!

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21 thoughts on “Time for a reunion tour, or the importance of having fun”

  1. That’s awesome! Excited for the recap! There doesn’t seem to be a lot of eventing venues here in the Midwest, does there? I think there’s one in Kansas, and it’s still about 2 hours away. I’d love to give it a shot, I think my mare would really like it.

    1. I moved here from TN, which wasn’t QUITE the eventing mecca it seems to be now, but had a solid selection of events, both schooling and sanctioned, within a 2 hour drive.

      Here, I have to drive a MINIMUM of 2 hours to get to anything! There was a little bit of stuff in Tulsa a couple of years ago, but it’s all shifted to the OKC area now.

      There’s a few things in the KC area that I have considered hauling up to- the distance is about the same as it is for TX, but it’s usually a little cooler in KS!

  2. ahhh yesss!!! i’m actually super excited for both of you – Moe won’t believe his luck when he steps off the trailer for an EVENT!!! 😀

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