TOABH: Ermahgerd

Beka at The Owls Approve wants to know: Ermahgerd. What is your pony’s absolute favorite riding activity?  What makes those little ears perk and causes the knees to lift?  Let’s just focus on the favorites – we’ll save the bucks for next week.

Gina and her lesson kid at junior rider dressage camp.
I think Gina’s favorite riding activity is toting around teenagers who let her roam on a loose rein and never really ask her to do anything. See, Gina’s a hard horse to read. She rarely approaches anything with joie de vivre, preferred to instead focus on letting people know what irritates her. Occasionally, she seems relatively enthusiastic about an activity, but I’m never totally sure if it’s genuine enjoyment or directed surprise/terror. 
Excited for XC or surprised we’re galloping? You be the judge!

Moe, on the other hand, wears his heart/tiny pea brain right on his little ewe neck. Moe loves being ridden. 


He likes it when people who are inexperienced/out of practice ride him.

He likes it when people ride him in a western saddle. (He looks slightly cranky here because he was asked to halt. Moe does not like halting.)
He even does dressage pretty cheerfully (if sort of poorly).
But Moe’s very favorite thing in the whole wide world has to be jumping.

Just look at that face and those ears and tell me that horse isn’t having the best time. 

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10 thoughts on “TOABH: Ermahgerd”

  1. Moe reminds me of a bff dog, up for everything and enjoys doing it ALL!
    Gina is a typical lady, will tell you what she doesn't like in no uncertain terms but keeps you guessing as to what she actually means and/or likes *rolls-eyes*
    Why do we play such mind games as females?!

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