TOABH: Metamorphosis

Beka at The Owls Approve has a great question: If you could change something (or things) about your horse, what would you?

Looking pretty normal here.
Moe: I like to joke that Moe looks as if he’s assembled from spare parts. He has a small head, a thin ewe neck, shark-fin like withers, relatively upright pasterns, and he’s just slightly camped out behind. That said, I wouldn’t change one single thing about his conformation. It’s obviously served him well over the last 20 years; he has never been lame and he has never had difficulty doing anything I have asked him to do. I would, however, change whatever it is in his tiny, tiny brain that makes him feel like he needs to go at top speed at all times. I’d also make him an easier keeper and give him a better tail.
Gina:  Where to start on The G? She’s very well put together and basically has a good brain. I think, if I could do anything for Gina, I’d make her younger. Old age is creeping up on her- increasing stiffness, less flexibility- and while there’s nothing major to worry about, I think we’d both like it if Gina were 8 instead of 18. At least she doesn’t need any help in the tail department.

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  1. if we could just halt the aging process altogether – like, wait until the horse is finally mature and trained up just to our liking, and in optimal condition. then poof – no more aging. that'd be great, thanks!

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