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I feel like I’m scrambling to get everything I need together before hitting the road to Texas this weekend! It’s been a long time since I hauled such a long distance, and I’m remembering all the things I need. Here’s my take on the absolute essentials needed for travel:

  • Health certificate: Health certificates are issued to a horse by a veterinarian, and are required by each state when you are traveling to or through it with your horse. The certificate verifies that the horse was not exhibiting obvious signs of disease on the day of inspection. They’re typically good for 30 days, although when I had Moe’s done a couple of weeks ago, my vet advised that local racetracks were only accepting certificates issued within 3 days!
  • Coggins test: I store a copy of each horse’s current Coggins test on Google Drive, just in case I forget or misplace the original.
  • Equine first aid kit: I use the USPC’s list, which is pretty comprehensive.
  • Trailer-Aid tire changing ramp (and spare tire): This is way, way easier than using a jack to change a trailer tire.
  • Printed directions to the destination: Horse shows are often in the middle of nowhere; having a printed copy of the directions prevents total panic when Google Maps is suddenly unavailable. (Or when Google Maps doesn’t have your destination in the correct place!)
  • Horse’s hay, feed, and water: Water storage containers like this one can be found online, at camping stores, and at army surplus stores
  • Spare halter and lead rope: Maybe bring two spares if your horse is Gina.

What do y’all take on your long road trips?

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10 thoughts on “Travel essentials”

  1. Pretty much the same list for me, but I also dose with Omeprazole when hauling (or any days we’re away from home), plus I have a tube of Banamine, and the now-required (although I have yet to be asked to show it) USEF vaccination record form with me. And my USRider membership information!

  2. This is a great list! Yes, to all of the above. I also try to find out where I can get diesel easily with the trailer because sometimes it’s hard to find out there on the road. If you plan ahead, it’s much less stressful.

    1. Now that’s a great idea, too! Johnny suggested making a map of gas stations along our route to TX and I was like “Johnny, the truck takes regular gas, we can stop just about anywhere,” and got him talked down to just a gas can in the bed of the truck. 😛

  3. When I’m going to shows, my list is similar. However, when going to endurance rides or horse camping, the packing list is huge. I have a post coming up about this. It’s just so much stuff.

  4. we never really go much farther than 2 hours each way, but yep i still pretty much bring all this, plus all the other typical trailer safeguards and extras, etc

  5. Ice chest (Because food. And diet coke)? Full length mirror (like a cheap one if you’re changing in your trailer)? Bucket straps (because you never know what you’ll be able to attach water buckets to)? But you’re already there and you don’t need my little extras because you’re super organized like that! Have a great weekend!

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