Twenty-five hours

I added two hours to Candy’s Thoroughbred Recreational Riding Incentive Program log after Opening Hunt, which meant that we’d officially reached the first award level TRRIP offers! I mailed in my reporting form last week and am eagerly awaiting my patch.

Leading the way!

Candy and I have explored many of Oklahoma’s trails this year!

This year, Candy and I have been out to Mohler Ranch, Keystone Lake, Oologah Lake, Flint Creek Farm, Lake Carl Blackwell and the Gilcrease Expressway easements. Flint Creek Farm (where we foxhunt) is the farthest away at just over 90 miles east of where we live. The easements along the Gilcrease Expressway are the closest- they’re only about ten miles south of us.

I’m glad to live in an area with many public lands available for equestrian use. Most places don’t charge a fee for use and almost all have excellent amenities like big parking areas and water spigots. The trails at most parks are well-maintained and safe- perfect for getting a green horse out and about!

Bay horse club at Keystone Lake! Pictured are (from L to R) Holly on pregnant Gina, me on Candy, and Richal on Zeke.

The next award level is at 100 hours, and I’m already thinking of where we should ride for the next 75 hours. Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area in Tulsa is definitely on my list (although I’ll have to take a brave friend with me, as this is a popular spot for mountain biking). I’d love to go back to Lake Carl Blackwell and meet up with Allie of Rocking E Cowgirl for another trail ride.  And of course we’ll spend more hours at Flint Creek Farm foxhunting. I’m glad the Thoroughbred Incentive Program offers such a neat awards program for recreational riding!

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7 thoughts on “Twenty-five hours”

  1. I wish I had as much access to trails as you do. Trails here also aren’t nearly as beautiful as trails in the east that I’ve seen in pictures. That is a ton of milage.

    1. Access to trails is one of my favorite things about living here. Many of the trails are kind of boring (because much of Oklahoma is very flat and treeless, especially if you go west), but it’s great to have a safe, quiet place to hack out.

  2. Opie has two hours down and I’m so excited for this summer to log in some serious time. I think this is such a great alternative to the show awards that TIP offers!

  3. That’s a great program! I think maybe my next pony should be one willing to leave the ring so I can go exploring. I actually am surrounded by state forest with lots of trails that are equine friendly. But I haven’t gone out because I haven’t had an appropriate animal. Some day!
    It’s great you’ve logged so many miles with Candy! And it seems like she’s getting better and better out there too!

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