Two Point Challenge

Thanks to SprinklerBandit and her challenge to the horse bloggers of the world, I took the time to clock myself in two-point today. 

Four minutes. That’s all I could last. Yikes! I absolutely know my college coach would be deeply disappointed in me. I’m also fairly sure that all of my instructors from my Pony Club years would be disappointed, too. I’m not terribly disappointed in myself; I took nearly two years off (I don’t count polo- it was riding, for sure, but it wasn’t at all concerned with how I looked/how well I rode), and have focused on dressage with Gina for the last year or so. Sure, there’s been some attempts at jumping and plenty of galloping, but no training-for-an-event happening.
Gina was a total beast today. She trotted and cantered around like it wasn’t even a thing; she felt alert, confident, and happy. I think we’re going to have a great time at the hunter pace next Saturday.
In less stellar news, baby Cal is lame. His abscess returned, so he’s been poulticed, wrapped, and living in a stall/dry lot since last week. The vet was out yesterday to check him out; I haven’t talked to Kyla, so I don’t know what baby Cal’s status is. Fingers crossed he’ll be able to make it to the hunter pace; otherwise, Kyla’s on our friend Will’s Quarter Horse mare, Misty. While Misty is incredibly cute and very pleasant, she is not, um, on Cal’s speed/endurance level. 
In absolutely fantastic news, Levi and I are officially making the trip to pick up Moe NEXT WEEK! While I’m sort of bummed I won’t have time to visit with any friends (we are driving down, sleeping, and driving back), I am over the moon that my sweet boy and I will be reunited!! Yay!

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