Two-Pointober Update


Adhering to my plan for two point improvement, I hopped on Gina Sunday while Johnny worked on trotting with Moe. I clocked in at 6:36, a 2:30 improvement from last Tuesday’s time! It was possibly the most boring six and a half minutes I’ve ever had; cantering endless loops around the outdoor arena is much less exciting than cantering around the hay meadow!

Johnny rocking the Tailored Sportsmans, paddock boots, and crew socks.

I’ve had to amend my plan just a little bit; two-pointing in the morning and jogging in the evening isn’t working very well. I also won’t be able to ride this Sunday, since both horses are attending Junior Camp with lesson kids. For this week at least, I’ll get practice in on Wednesday; I’d practice on Friday, too, but Moe and I are signed up for a dressage clinic. I have a feeling there won’t be a lot of two-point going on there…

At any rate, I’m enthusiastic about my progress and determined to fit in practice wherever I can!

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  1. 6 mins may be boring, but it’ a hell of a lot of 2pt time. I need to time myself tonight, but I’m pretty sure I have still made no or negative progress. I have been practicing every time I ride though.

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