My typical horse show budget

Carly over at Poor Woman Showing had a great post this week that provided a breakdown of how much a horse show costs her to attend. I always think it’s interesting to see how costs compare between disciplines and between regions. Here’s a look at what it costs me to show dressage in Oklahoma! I stick to schooling shows, but I’ve added information about rated show costs, too.

Entry Fees

Schooling show: $25/test
Rated show: $35/test (+$10 for Southwest Dressage Championships qualifying & +$15 for GAIG Championships qualifying)

Administrative Fees

Schooling show: $25 office fee
Rated show: $30 office fee + $23 USEF drug/medication fee; depending on your memberships, you may also need a USEF show pass ($45), a USDF non-member fee ($35) and a GMO non-member fee ($25)

Stabling/Grounds Fees

Schooling show: $35-50, depending on venue; no grounds fee for not stabling
Rated show: $80 for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday); $35 grounds fee

Typically, I ride two tests and get a stall at schooling shows, which costs $110-125. Even though a stall is an extra expense I could probably avoid, I like the worry-free experience of putting my horse in a stall while I socialize or volunteer.

I have my own truck and trailer and often haul myself to shows. The truck doesn’t get super gas mileage; it averages 12 miles per gallon when hauling. I usually stick to shows within two hours of my house. My fuel costs range from $20-$35 per show. Occasionally, my horse can hitch a ride in Space Trailer. I always offer to chip in on fuel or haul one of my friend’s horses in my trailer the next time we’re going somewhere.

Since I usually volunteer before or after my rides, show management provides my lunch. If I’m not volunteering, I’ll pack my cooler with snacks and lunch. I also keep several Nalgene bottles of water in the cooler along with some Gatorade if it’s hot. I estimate that lunch, snacks, and drinks cost $10 or less.

That means a schooling show ranges from $140-$170 for me.

What do shows look like in your area?

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7 thoughts on “My typical horse show budget”

  1. I’m glad that you mentioned Space Trailer. I think that you forgot to figure in the expense of La Croix.

  2. I can’t believe how low your stabling fees are! Hunter jumper stalls are never less than $150. So I never get one if I ship in just for the day. I’ve been lucky to have horses that will hang out happily in the trailer. Entry fees are around $25 per class for a schooling show, but can be anywhere from $30 to $150 at a rated show. $150 is for a class that gives a lot of prize money back though at least. Of course, you need to be in the top 8 for that to pay off.

    1. UGH. I’m with Stacie on this one. Every h/j show I go to stalls are $200, plus an average of $90 for shavings. I die. It’s THE WORST.

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