Uncle Jimmy

There are a lot of stray cats that make their home in the alley behind work; one of my coworkers sets out wet and dry food for them, fills up a bowl with water, and make sure there’s a box with some blankets in it for especially cold weather.

Earlier this week, we heard a cat meowing piteously and discovered a tiny black kitten huddled in a gutter. He was wet and filthy, so we wrapped him up in a blanket, wiped off some of the goop oozing from his left eye, and stuck him in a box behind the sales counter.

The saddest!
The saddest!

Because I’m a sucker who can’t say no to sad animals, I immediately texted Johnny with a picture of the pathetic kitten and asked if we could take him in. Because Johnny is also a sucker who can’t say no to sad animals, he said yes.

I started calling the kitten Uncle Jimmy because he’d been placed in an empty box from Uncle Jimmy’s the treat company; the name has stuck and is sort of hilarious.

Uncle Jimmy is not amused.
Uncle Jimmy is not amused.

Uncle Jimmy went to the vet on Wednesday, where he was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and a bad case of fleas. He was confirmed as male and estimated to be about six weeks old. The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics, prescribed him eye drops and a flea treatment, and advised me to feed him a can of soft kitten food a day and as much dry food as he’d like to eat. She also advised keeping him away from my other cats until he’s well.

Uncle Jimmy all about the (soft) food.
Uncle Jimmy all about the (soft) food.

Uncle Jimmy is eating like a tiny, tiny horse. Since his vet visit, he’s also perked up considerably. He’s living in our half-remodeled master bathroom, though I let him loose in the bedroom when I’m home. He’s fascinated by the ceiling fan, enjoys sniffing our pillows, and has started to bat at our fingers and toes. He goes back to the vet after Thanksgiving for vaccinations.

Y’all know I’m #TeamCats for life, so I’m excited to be well on my way to crazy cat lady status. And I just know Johnny wants to be a crazy cat man…


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18 thoughts on “Uncle Jimmy”

  1. So cute. We are also suckers for small animals. My husband and I once ran across a six lane road to rescue a little baby kitten that was stuck in the gutter of the road and going to get hit. A police officer stopped us – I think he initially wanted to cite us for being idiots – but we showed him the kitten and he gave us a ride back across the road in the back of the police car.

    1. I know! I’m kind of afraid he’s going to be a long haired cat. Whatever, it’s not like the dogs don’t shed all over the place. What’s a few more hairs?

  2. Awwwwww! I love him! I love his name! He’s going to grow into that name and be a huge kitty. I’m calling it.

    I hoped at the first mention on IG that you were going to keep him and I’m so glad you did. I’m a sucker for the black kitties.

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