Unseasonably warm

It was 85 degrees yesterday. I took advantage of the hot, windy weather and bathed all three horses and re-clipped Gina. Everyone was pretty grimy- between mud, sweat, and the beginnings of shedding season, I’ve been dying to give them all a good scrub. Poor Gina’s also been due for a re-clip for at least month, but I refused to do it while she was grubby. My Andis clippers already need to be sharpened; I don’t need them dulled further by dirty hair!


I had the bright idea to let the horses graze in the yard after their baths. We have what seems like an enormous yard- I can almost fit a 20 x 40 dressage ring between the pool and the driveway behind the house. The driveway has a gate, so I figured the horses would be safe and content to graze on the green grass and dry in the wind and sun.

Area in red is all yard.

I washed Moe first, since he’s got the most hair needed the most time to dry. I wanted to give him a trace clip to prevent him from sweating to death next weekend at a horse trial. Gina was next- less hair, also in need of a clip. Candy was last, because who really cares if she’s clean or not? She’s not doing anything especially exciting. Moe was totally happy to mill around the yard and eat, but Gina was kind of freaked out by the freedom. She kept close to Moe and periodically let out a sad little whinny. Candy does whatever everyone else is doing, so when I turned her loose,┬áthe three of them ended up in a bunch in the very tiniest part of the yard- the corner between the neighbors’ fences and the driveway. Great job, guys.

Maybe the grass is just really tasty there?

After about ten minutes of standing in the corner, it occurred to Candy to explore the new space. She opted to do so at a canter, and the three of them bolted down the driveway, wheeled around, and galloped back up. Candy was bucking and farting like there was no tomorrow, but in between all of her antics, I saw some glimmers of how she may be under saddle one day. She’s not a springy, extravagant mover like Gina, but she’s got a steady, pleasant trot, and an uphill canter.

This is the most coordination Candy (left) has ever shown. Moe (right) is working on his lean.

I eventually rounded up the wild bunch and started clipping Gina. Two hours later, she looked like a proper hunt horse again, though she’s got some dreadful lines on her butt from my dull blades. I’ll have to go out tonight and smooth those out and get her face with the dog clippers, but I’m glad she won’t be so uncomfortable on hot hunt mornings! I didn’t get a chance to clip Moe, but it’s going to be 75 next Tuesday and my neighbor has a set of spare blades…

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  1. I literally laughed out loud when you pointed out that Moe was working on his lean. at least he looked super happy to be doing so!

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