Vet check

Both ponies saw the vet yesterday for their annual checkup. Moe wasn’t very enthusiastic about having his eye poked and prodded again.

Moe’s eye got the all-clear- the vet was very pleased with how it had responded to treatment and proclaimed that it was clean as a whistle and commended me on how I’d cared for it. (Thanks, but administering drops + cream + Bute + fly mask is nothing when your horse is well-behaved!)

Gina was deeply suspicious of the big man poking her all over her neck and chest with needles, but didn’t do anything silly while she was being vaccinated. Moe, of course, stood quietly and ate cookies.

I had the vet look at both horses’ teeth, as it’s been nearly two years since Moe’s were floated. Gina’s haven’t been floated since I’ve owned her. The vet said Moe’s had normal wear and needed to be filed in a few places; he complimented Moe’s jaw strength when he saw him bite into an apple. (Apparently, many horses lack the strength in the front of their mouths to do so. And all this time I thought Gina just didn’t know how to eat an apple.) Gina’s teeth had “monster hooks”, which surprised me a little bit. I would have thought she’d be angrier about the bit or having difficulty chewing! So the vet will return in the next month or two to float their teeth. (I’d have it done sooner, but one of the dogs just had four teeth removed and our bank account needs some time to recover from taxes and vet bills.)

In sad news, Moe and I won’t be attending the hunter pace on Saturday after all. My teammate Levi has a work obligation on Saturday, my backup teammate Richal has decided not to go, and somehow, none of my friends have bumper hitch trailers. I’m disappointed, because the horses and I have been working hard to get fit for the ride. I was also looking forward to schooling Moe over some real cross-country jumps. Oh well. Time to really get serious about selling my trailer and buying a smaller, lighter one the truck can pull, I guess!

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  1. Great news about the vet check up going so well!!

    Bummer about the hunter pace and teeth needing done BUT it's all part of owning a horse right? 🙂

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