Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Appreciating what you have

L. Williams at Viva Carlos has a lovely positive topic for us to consider with this blog hop:
Let’s take a minute to appreciate the Pros of our current ponies, whether you own them or just ride them in lessons.

Let’s start with Moe first, because he’s my favorite. And because it’s easy to appreciate him.
  • Almost always jumps whatever he’s pointed towards, regardless of what shenanigans I might be up to.
  • Endlessly kind and mild-mannered on the ground; he tolerates dogs, cats, and children all scooting around near (and sometimes underneath) him. 
  • Not a picky eater, which means I can feed him any sort of feed, supplement, or treat.
  • Very hardworking; tries his best to understand what’s being asked and answer correctly.
  • People-oriented; he always has lots of fans because he’s pleasant and friendly. He always makes me feel loved when he whinnies at me or trots up to me. 
Oh, Gina. What positive attributes could you possibly have?
  • Very well put together, and as a result, very pretty.
  • Super athletic, which means she is a great mover with good gaits and has a lot of clearance over fences.
  • Smart, learns easily, and retains things well.
  • Thorough dressage training from someone.
  • Always ready to get down to business under saddle; she’s very focused on whatever task you’re asking her to do!


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