Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Continuation school

Does this unicorn have a name? He should definitely have one.
L. Williams at Viva Carlos has a good question for us this week: Why do you continue to ride?

I thought more about this question than probably necessary.
I continue to ride because I enjoy it, I have the physical and financial capability to do so, and I don’t know what else I’d do with Moe, Gina, and all of my equipment.

That’s it. 
Sure, I’m reasonably good at it. Sure, I love teaching other people how to care for and ride horses. Of course I love Moe and Gina!
But when I think about it, I ride because it’s fun and makes me happy. I have zero physical limitations to prevent me from riding. I’m fortunate to have a financial situation that makes it doable. And the thought of selling my horses makes me sad. So I’ll keep riding until something changes, and be happy that I’m able to do that!


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