Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Let’s make a baby!

Yea, verily, and the Unicorn and L. Williams did ask us:  If you could/were so inclined to breed your horse WHO would you breed your horse to and why?

I’ll only address Gina, as she is a mare and the thought of crossing a female Moe with anything else makes me shudder. He’s so weirdly put together that I wouldn’t want to pass any of those traits on, and I think a lot of his personality comes from a lifetime of good handling and training. 
So, Gina.
Gina is a basically well conformed mare who moves nicely. Her personality definitely leaves something to be desired, but some of that is mare-ishness and some of it might be due to time spent as a lesson horse. 
If I was going for something super flashy, I’d breed her to Blue Eyed Streaker at Echo Hill Farm in Louisville, KY. 
Most of his offspring have color and he’s produced some sporthorses that are competing successfully. He’s a Thoroughbred, so with this stallion, Gina’s offspring would be registered with both the Jockey Club and the Pinto Horse Association. The PtHA World Championship is right here in Tulsa, so Baby Horse and I would be, of course, doing the dressage and jumper classes there. 
If I wanted to get a big, fancy warmblood I could eventually resell, I’d breed Gina to Wradar. He’s a terrific Oldenburg stallion who lives just down the road from me. 
Wradar is fancy as fuck, and so are his offspring. Colter was a Wradar son (out of a Thoroughbred mare); while he was really goofy and kind of a pain, I think that had more to do with sitting in a field for the better part of 11 years. Gina is an ISR/Oldenburg approved mare, so this baby would be a registered Oldenburg. Gina’s already had at least two foals by Wradar in her previous life, and I feel confident their breeding would produce another good-looking, good-moving baby. My only problem with Wradar’s offspring is that they are massive. Colt was out of a mare about the same size as Gina, and he was 17.2 hands. The two or three other horses by Wradar I’ve met are equally large. I feel comfortable with smaller horses (around 16 hands or so), but since this baby would be for sale to some dressage enthusiast somewhere, I guess that’s not a big deal.
Just for giggles, I asked my friend and Thoroughbred bloodline expert Holly what stallion I should breed Gina to for a successful racehorse. After all, Gina’s an approved Oklahoma-bred mare, which means her foals are eligible to compete in special races for Oklahoma horses. And once her foal is done on the track, I will turn it into an eventer. Duh. Holly recommends a stud with Northern Dancer lines, like Toccet:
Other options include Tactical Cat and Service Stripe.
I’d most likely breed to one of the last three, as their stud fees are the cheapest, they’re local (for live cover!) and I like the way Tactical Cat is put together! 


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7 thoughts on “Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Let’s make a baby!”

  1. Toccet is one mal-conformed mother fucker, and his babies after turn out the same. I'm drooling over that warmblood though!

    1. Toccet's neck looks super short, but what do I know? (Nothing.) The warmblood is super fancy and all of his offspring I've ever seen are also super fancy.

  2. How is Toccet mal-conformed? He looks alright in that picture (only pictures I've ever seen since I've never heard of him before)… his shoulders appear to be angled away from the camera a bit so it makes his neck and back look a little odd, but that appears to be more camera angle than anything. Dunno, just curious. 🙂 I also like Wradar!

  3. Hmm interesting!! If I were breeding for a full TB sporthorse I would pick something with Hail To Reason or Storm Cat, well except for the Storm Cat personality…

    1. All of his offspring seem to come out stamped chestnut with a star and strip! I hear Frohwind babies are super nice, too. Are you in Oklahoma?!

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