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I’m so excited to see the return of the Magical Unicorn and L. Williams’ excellent blog hop. She says: Most of us work for a living (wishing I didn’t have to), some of us in way swankier places than others. Anyways, I am curious for a pictorial tour of your office or cubicle.

My office is a little unique, because I work in a tack store. My desk area itself is pretty normal.

Double monitors FTW.
My old helmet, a random Pikeur sign, Dressage at Devon mug, and some horse figurines.
Product books, which are overflow from our purchaser.
I drink a LOT of tea. Tea duck is my favorite for loose-leaf! (So much better than Tea Rex.)
I couldn’t live without the bulletin board- important stuff is tacked up here, like Horze’s 15097 different color codes &  a dressage test.
We have a window!
Bulletin board directly behind me has pictures & thank-yous from teams & riders we sponsor.
Bulletin board directly behind me has pictures & thank-yous from teams & riders we sponsor.

While I spend most of my time in the store’s cozy upstairs office, I often go out on the floor. Sometimes it’s to help a customer when we’re shorthanded, sometimes it’s to ogle bridles for Moe’s tiny head, but most of the time it’s to sniff the leather (or sit in some saddles).

The view from the office door. H/J on the right, dressage on the left, clearance wagon in the middle.
Bridles on bridles.
Some of the new jumping and all purpose saddles.
One of several racks of consignment dressage saddles.

Downstairs, I can take a break and try on helmets or boots or various pieces of clothing. Every now and then, I pack up orders in the very disorganized shipping area.

The view from the stairs.
No matter how many times I try them on, the COs make my head look weird.
Boots on boots on boots
A well organized grooming area makes me happy.
Shipping supplies!
We don’t talk about the other side of the shipping room.

While the job isn’t perfect, a tack store certainly isn’t a bad place to spend 40 hours a week!

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21 thoughts on “Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My cubicle”

    1. It’s THE WORST on my wallet. Not only to I get to see ALL THE THINGS, but I also get a discount on everything in the store (except consignment saddles). So while it would normally be easy to say “No” to a new saddle pad, it’s much harder when said saddle pad is just $10.

    1. It’s in such a neat old building in a small town’s downtown! The floors are super neat, the ceilings are gorgeous, everything feels bright! It’s one of my favorite things about it.

  1. Much cooler than my job. And I’m thinking your store is much closer to me than going to Denver, so I might just have to plan a trip down!

  2. Um, in the last photo? On the far right? I kind of feel like there’s an Ocean TuffRider all-purpose saddle pad that’s just sitting there because it was abandoned in mid-shipping process because I told them that you’d just bring it to me tomorrow. Am I wrong?

    1. OMG, I have been reminded *three* times by my coworkers about bringing you your saddle pad! I am planning on having it at the barn tomorrow morning!

      1. Jeez, those are some co-workers. I can always pick it up at the store next week when I’m back in Claremore (yay?) And what can I bring you tomorrow? 🙂

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