Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Our Commercial Moment

If L. Williams at Viva Carlos didn’t host a blog hop now and then, I don’t know what I’d write about. 
The topic? What are you buying next?

Sadly, I’m not buying anything very exciting in the near future.

  • Fly masks for both horses. I’ve been obsessively checking prices online to see if they’ll come down lower than what’s at my local farm and ranch supply store. I’m beginning to doubt it’ll happen, so I’m going to buy two very basic fly masks this weekend.
  • New gloves. My old Mizunos are starting to develop holes in between the fingers. I need to replace them.
  • Spare lead rope. My spare is currently Gina’s main lead rope, as she broke hers a few months ago. 
  • Jumping boots for Moe. Our old pair rotted in the horse trailer years ago, so I’ve been using polo wraps when riding Moe. I have a pair of Sports Medicine Boots, but they’re too big for him. 
  • Horse cookies. We blew through the large tub of Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy Buns in less than a month, so the horses have been subsisting on granola bars and peppermints. While Moe doesn’t mind, Gina eats one or two mints, then turns her nose up at the rest. Sigh.


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