Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Right here, right now

Someday, I am going to have a stuffed animal made from the drawing of this unicorn. 
Ahem. L. Williams at Viva Carlos brings us another topic to discuss: What are you currently working on in your lessons or rides?

Good question. For the last few months, I’ve been focusing on both horses’ fitness in anticipation of the hunter pace. Now that the hunter pace has come and gone (and I didn’t get to go *tear*), I’m a little flummoxed on what to do. (Not to mention a little unmotivated.)
There are several shows to which I’d like to take the horses, but without a horse trailer, it isn’t likely I’ll be headed to them. So what to do with the horses?
The answer is, as ever, flat work. Moe’s dressage is a hot mess of giraffe-ing, splatting, and mild evading. Gina’s flat work is basically okay, but her lateral work needs some help. Of course, I think the horses and I would go bonkers if all we did was flat work for the next two months, so I imagine we’ll mix it up with a few jump schools and maybe a gallop set (or five). 

We’ll see how it goes.


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  1. Sorry you didn't get to go to the hunter pace. 🙁 I'm working on fitness too… that's something that can always use improvement even if there are no shows on the horizon hehe. I like the idea of mixing up your routine with flat work, jumping and gallop sets. Mixing things up is best for overall fitness. 🙂

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